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Vintage Treasure Shopping

I’ve always had a thing for old radios especially those produced in the 30’s and 40’s. Today I discovered a Bing Crosby Junior Jukebox at The Antique Emporium, one of several stores in New Harmony, Indiana that is loaded with antiques and vintage treasures.

The Bing Crosby Junior Jukebox was announced to the public in Chicago, Illinois on November 28, 1948. Just in time to be on children’s Christmas wish lists, the manufacturer (I believe the Ideal Toy Company) assured parents this is “not a Toy but a Real Phonograph with a 4″ Speaker … Plays 12″ records, beautifully molded in colorful plastics, lights up and changes colors as it plays, 2 tube electronic amplification with volume control, excellent tone. 16″ high, 13″ deep, 14″ wide” … AC only.”

The colorful molded plastic and the cool way it lights up is truly romantic. It has a Disneyland-like charm. The idea of kids gathering around and playing records with this jukebox makes me want to go back to that slower, simpler time.

Though I love it, I didn’t buy it. It’s still there and in the window at Antique Emporium. When you visit New Harmony make sure to stop by and ask Paula to let you spin some wax. Antique Emporium is located at 525 E. Church Street.

About Jim Spann

I'm a harmonist in training, learning to live in the now and cherish my surroundings. Moved to New Harmony with my wife Stephanie, son Nathan, and daughter Lydia to start a new chapter in our family and launch the New Harmony Soap Company.

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