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The Old Rooming House

The Old Rooming House is an affordable, eclectic place to stay in New Harmony.The Old Rooming House is New Harmony’s off-beat option for lodging in Posey County. Located on a shaded lot on the main road in a residential neighborhood, it is an Italianate Victorian house built in 1896 that might be described as “tastefully ramshackle.

Owner Jim Stinson has designed the Old Rooming House to to appeal to writers, artists and musicians, and people who are generally looking for something interesting. Inside, it’s decorated with books, magazines, art and knick-knacks he’s collected over many years. Outside, there’s a porch swing, old fashioned lawn chairs, a totem pole decorated with license plates and large, very old trees.

“It reminds people of their grandfather’s house,” says Jim.

The three guest rooms each have full sized double beds, a small refrigerator, coffee pot and a microwave. The Nautical Room, Writer’s Room, and Artist Room are decorated much like their names suggest. There is a large, comfortable sitting room with a fascinating library. The halls are lined with bookshelves containing old National Geographics, books from the WPA writing project, and other diverse and interesting writing. All the walls and shelves are covered with interesting knick knacks and old things.

There are no televisions, radios, computers, or internet access.

“It’s not for everybody,” says Jim, “but people who like it, like it a lot. Before booking a room, I don’t take any money upfront, so I always talk to people and tell them what it’s like. I’ve talked people out of staying if I thought they wouldn’t like it. I’m happy to tell them about other options.”

The Old Rooming House
916 E. Church St.
New Harmony, IN 47631
(812) 781-9218

Start Planning: Family Reunions & Retreats

The MacLeod Barn Abbey stands peaceful and serene at the edge of historic New Harmony, Indiana. Surrounded by a palette of green, standing by the Wabash River, the Barn Abbey is a place for fellowship, reunions, and retreats.

Every year the Barn Abbey hosts a multitude of different organizations and personal reunions. University of Southern Indiana hosts weekends away for their diversity projects and center for communal studies program. The Ropewalk Reading Series has spent their winter retreats at the Barn Abbey. Several local families have spent weekends at the Barn Abbey for their yearly family gatherings.

Why is it so popular?

The Barn Abbey features two floors of bedrooms and can sleep a total of 28 people. Included on each floor are community bathrooms and showers. The communal space can accommodate up to 50 people. The facility houses a full kitchen in order to prepare group meals. Overnight stays are available with a 15-person minimum. Bed linens, bath linens, and kitchen facilities (including a coffee maker, ice machine, refrigerator, stove/oven, dishwasher, dishes, pots, pans and tableware) are provided.

Large, overnight gatherings can become quite costly at hotels. The Barn Abbey has a lot of open indoor and outdoor space that is especially useful when young children are underfoot! The full kitchen makes meal preparation for gatherings and potlucks simple and easy to clean-up. Shopping and sightseeing is also an option with the Barn Abbey being so close to the main square of New Harmony.

Now is the perfect time to plan a memory-making reunion or group retreat, Start with a visit to www.visitnewharmony.com. To get more details on the Barn Abbey contact Chris Laughbaum with questions about your next reunion or retreat at: 812-682-3050.


A Fall Family Gathering in New Harmony

It is definitely Fall in New Harmony.  The trees around town are brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange.  Travelers are coming from near and far to enjoy the cool weather as they roam around town from store to store, stopping to eat and drink at one of the restaurants or bars.  In New Harmony, Indiana, time seems to slow down in October.  The Patrice family takes the opportunity to gather their family every year in October to New Harmony.  Albert and Suzanne raised their 3 children in Posey County.  Now grown, their children, all live in other states.  One as far as Maryland. Over time it became way to difficult to get all the family together during Thanksgiving and Christmas, so many years ago they decided to have their own family reunion in October, before the busy-ness of the holidays arrived.  This tradition has been successful for the past 10+ years and the family hopes to continue the tradition for several more.

It makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?  For the Patrice family, the time of year that they gather together as a family isn’t important.  The importance is that they ARE together.  Their time isn’t built around food and presents (although they do enjoy the restaurants in town!).  Albert and Suzanne are enjoying their time with their children and now, grandchildren.  The activities that they do together ranges from walking the labyrinth to visiting the Antheneum to taking one of the town tours.  Sure, Albert and Suzanne and their children have done this several times, but their grandchildren have not.  Tradition is slowly growing for their grandchildren, and hopefully also a love for the town of New Harmony.

Any time of year is a perfect time to gather the family one more time.  As you start to plan your next reunion keep the town of New Harmony in your plans.  You can start your planning on the Visit New Harmony website.

-Leah Dugan




Small, Intimate wedding at the Orchard House in New Harmony

The Orchard House is considered to be the gem of the New Harmony Inn guest houses. This two-story, wood-frame home features a fully stocked kitchen, four bedrooms: 2 Kings, and 2 queen size beds with private baths and each bedroom are lockable rooms. There is a parlor with a fireplace, study, dining room and private outdoor patio.  Plus, guests have full use of the hotel amenities including the seasonal covered garden pool, walking trails, tennis courts, fitness center and hot tub.

The Orchard House is a perfect spot for a small, intimate wedding to celebrate with only close family and friends.  The wedding couple can choose to have a caterer set up a nice dinner indoors or outdoors on the patio.  The Orchard House is very close to the lake behind the New Harmony Inn, the old bridges, parks and walking trails which photograph nicely.  A string quartet or guitarist can provide live accompaniement for the wedding ceremony and reception.  A florist can cover the house in the preferred fresh flower of the wedding couple.  Also, the couple has the freedom to choose their wedding officiant for the ceremony.

Many options are available for planning a small, intimate wedding at the Orchard House and many wedding vendors can be found locally as well!  Questions?  Please call 1-800-782-8605 ext. 1430 or email: info@newharmonyinn.com

Looking for local wedding vendors?  Follow this link: http://visitnewharmony.com/gathermeet 

Eggs in a Cloud

imageCooks on Brewery Bed and Breakfast is named after the family that built the home that houses the B&B. If you didn’t know that bit of history, you would think it was named for Jonathon and David’s culinary skills.

My friends and I were their guests for breakfast last week. What a wonderful experience. Great conversation, flowing coffee, wonderful fruit parfaits to start out with…..and then the main course….Eggs in a Cloud. Jonathon described it as a savory merengue. I’ve never heard a merengue described as savory, but this definitely was with bacon, red pepper and green onion incorporated into the egg whites. The egg yolks were placed in the middle and then it was baked a bit in the oven. It was certainly heavenly -creative-beautifully plated and extremely tasty.

How talented they are – and even better, they will share their talent by hosting birthday parties or perhaps other small celebrations around their table. Or better yet, book a stay at their beautiful place. It is a two hour drive from St Louis, Louisville and Nashville. Yet another great reason to visit New Harmony.

Body, Mind and Spirit

With so much great food and drink in New Harmony, getting in a rigorous workout is vital to your health. Thankfully the New Harmony Inn offers an exceptional fitness facility decked out with all the modern exercise equipment you need.

Having been a “road warrior” for a few decades I know many hotels throw a treadmill in a closet and say they have a fitness center. That’s not the case at the Inn. Their Fitness Center has great Treadmills, Bikes, and Ellipticals along with Machine Weights and Loose Weights. Plus the room is generous — those with claustrophobic tendencies have no worries.

For those of you who make personal fitness a high priority — the “hard core” — I think you will be more than pleased with New Harmony Inn’s fitness facility. It’s also a perfect spot for people like me who take a more casual approach, basically trying to burn enough calories to counterbalance that glass of wine and Creme Brulee I know I’ll be wolfing down later in the day.

When visiting New Harmony be ready to enjoy life. If staying at the New Harmony Inn bring along some workout gear so your body can keep up with your mind and spirit.