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New Harmony Comfort Food

My secret comfort food is Sara’s Harmony Way scones. The online Collins Dictionary defines a scone as ‘ a light plain doughy cake made from flour with very little fat, cooked on an oven (or originally a griddle), usually split open and buttered’. The British typically eat them as a sweet treat after a meal or with afternoon tea, served with clotted cream and jam. I vote eating them anytime. I love them with coffee in the morning, or in the afternoon when I’m a bit stressed, or when I’m feeling great, or….well, I could make up any reason to have one. I love all the different flavor combinations that Sara’s comes up with. What flavor will be waiting for me next? White chocolate raspberry? Coconut lime? Maple pecan? Endless combinations, each as good as the last.

When you plan your next visit to New Harmony be sure to take comfort in a scone or two at Sara’s then let me know your favorite. I think I’ll wander down to Sara’s now and see what today’s selection is……..

Exciting Changes at the Red G

After celebrating their 50th anniversary last year, the venerable Red Geranium restaurant is celebrating their second half century of serving wonderful meals and creating memories in New Harmony. One of the ways they are celebrating is by introducing a spectacular new dinner menu for this spring/summer season.

The newly revamped menu has been put together by head chef Connor Odde. Connor has been the head chef since August of last year. Look for new items such as a baked goat cheese appetizer, kale cranberry salad or blackened Ahi tuna. No word on desserts yet, but I’m sure they’ll be as wonderful as the rest of the menu.

While The Red Geranium remains the Tri States’ most romantic dinner spot and the go to place for special occasions, Conner’s menu brings a fresh modern take on creative dishes while maintaining traditional favorites that diners have loved for years. The “Red G” is such a special place. It serves as the reason that so many people plan a day or weekend in New Harmony. The new menu looks like the sort of thing that will have people coming back time and again!

When planning your trip to New Harmony be sure to include a meal at the Red G. For those in the area, see you on March 23rd when the changes take effect!