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Kunstfest | Southern Indiana’s German Fall Festival

2017 Kunstfest | September 16th – 17th

It’s once again time for New Harmony’s largest and most anticipated event of the year—Kunstfest! This celebration of German heritage and art is one of the biggest of its kind in Indiana. Download 2017 Vendor Registration Form.

The New Harmony Business Associates invite you to the walkable village of New Harmony, Indiana on Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th for the 35th annual Kunstfest. This free, family-friendly event is fun for all ages!

Festival Map & Schedule will be posted soon!

“Kunst” means “art” in German, and you can expect to see a lot of it. Artists from across the region will sell and showcase their creations. With so many unique pieces, you’re sure to find something you’ll love!

Over 250 vendors will line the streets, showcasing art, gifts, antiques, crafts, and more on Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-4pm. Many of the local storefronts wilkunst-vendors-3l also be open with special promotions during the festival. Be sure to come hungry! All of your German favorites will be there—bratwurst, kraut balls, kuchen, apple cider, chicken and dumplings, German potato salad, brain sandwiches, fried bologna, ice cream, kettle corn and more!

Events include musical performances from the Dulcimer & Polka, Blue Grass, and German Folk Music genres, Music on the Patio, Liar’s Contest at the Murphy Auditorium, children’s activities at the family stage at Maclure Square, and more!

Something you can’t miss at Kunstfest is the historical craft demonstrations. Each year, children stand in awe as they watch experts demonstrate blacksmithing, rope making, pottery, weaving, spinning and more. Some of these creations will be available for sale, and demonstrators will be present to explain the art of each craft to audiences.

Don’t worry about having to park far away from the festival! Parking will be available at the New Harmony School and Atheneum with shuttles taking visitors to and from the festival.

With so many attractions and activities to take part in, it’s probably best you come for the whole weekend! For more information about the charming places you can stay and the 35th annual Kunstfest, head to visitnewharmony.com or visit us on Facebook!

Kunstfest: The “Don’t Miss” Fall Festival

Mark your calendar for September 19th/20th and come help New Harmony celebrate their German heritage by attending Kunstfest. Kunst means ‘art’ in German and this is the 33rd year for the celebration that seems to grow bigger each year.

You will find something for everyone at Kunstfest. Musical entertainment is scheduled at various venues throughout both days. You can take a carriage ride, go to the Sleeping Beauty production, attend the Big Liar’s contest or shop at over 190 vendor booths or local shops throughout town. Interested in history? Historical craft demonstrations will range from blacksmithing to rope making. If you get hungry, try the various foods available from kraut balls to chicken & dumplings to homemade ice cream to name a few. There will be children’s activities at the family stage at Maclure Square and Wilson’s Auctions http://www.wilsonauctions.com will be having their annual Kunstfest auction where you will find lots of great items up for bid.

Parking can be found at the school or the Atheneum, with shuttles running from both spots. Kunstfest map and activity guide can be found at http://visitnewharmony.com We look forward to celebrating with you!

A Unique Wedding Favor

Mark and Kristen had decided to get married in New Harmony mid-summer.  They knew that they were going to have a 2 hour gap in-between the ceremony and reception.  So, they spoke with the owners of Bliss Artisan Ice Cream about offering a unique wedding favor.  When the guests arrived for the wedding ceremony, instead of receiving a wedding program, they received one coupon a piece for a free scoop of ice cream.  The guests loved it!  Instead of going straight to the reception and waiting around they were able to try one of the many scrumptious flavors that Bliss makes daily.  Bliss is a great example of how working with local shop owners in New Harmony can make the small details of a wedding stand out.  Did you know that The Golden Rose makes homemade, gourmet chocolates?  Or that Sara’s Harmony Way caters and has a wine bar?  Think outside of the box when planning for that downtime from the ceremony to the reception; your guests will thank you!

Spring Art and Antique Stroll

Mark your calendar now for Saturday, April 8th and Visit New Harmony  to enjoy a lovely evening of food, art, shopping and music. The New Harmony Business Association’s Spring Art and Antique Stroll will be filling the streets from 4-7 that evening.

Interested in art? The New Harmony Hoosier Salon will be having an opening reception for their current exhibit. The Women’s Institute and Gallery at 916 Granary will also host an opening reception, as well as The USI New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Interested in antiques? Firehouse Antiques, The Mews, Lowry Hollow , The Antique Emporium, Cookie Jar Antiques and Sleep Dog Antiques will all be open. Other shops to be open include: The New Harmony Soap Company, The Antique Doll Shop and Creation Station.

You can grab dinner before or after at The Red Geranium, Yellow Tavern, Sara’s Harmony Way, The American Legion or Bliss. Many of the shops and galleries will also be providing refreshments.

And don’t forget the music!  Relax after all the strolling at the Murphy Auditorium, Ginkgoa Concert http://UnderthBeams.org  or visit the Moonlight Walk at the Cathedral Labyrinth at 7:00pm.

Ahh…..It sounds like the perfect way to spend the evening.

Blues, Brews & BBQ

Live blues music, local craft beers, and a classic Barbeque dinner, Sara’s Harmony Way will be dishing it all up Saturday, August 15th starting at 7pm.

Music will be supplied by Evansville’s Blind Playboys, a fabulous Blues and Blues Rock band that covers everything from Buddy Guy and Albert King to Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Brews will be from Tin Man Brewing plus the famous Harmonie Beer, a delicious German dark lager made from a 200+ year old recipe re-discovered a few years ago.

The dinner menu includes pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, baked beans, and homemade apple pie.

Sara’s Harmony Way is located at the corner of Church and Main in this thriving walkable village we call home. Call them to get more details: 812-682-3611.

For the Love of Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and Beer……

The Yellow Tavern  is a well loved institution in New Harmony. A place where you are sure to see friends -old and new- and have your favorite food served up by a quick and friendly staff. I am always debating between my two favorites when I order-so, I never even give the rest of the menu a glance. Sad but true. That’s why I was surprised to hear my husband order a brat with kraut. Wow, I thought that was just on the menu at a few restaurants on the west side of Evansville. When our food arrived -the gentleman to the left of us also ordered the brat with kraut. Rod and our new friend to the left both raved about their meal.

Hmm…… I used to love brats when we lived in Cincinnati- which is much like Evansville – German settled with the west side communities still heavily influenced by their German roots. So, I decided I had to give The brat and kraut a try  to see if it was as good as I remembered. Wow-and yes! I’m adding it to my list of favorites now at the Yellow. I hope you do the same when you visit new harmony . And don’t forget to add another German favorite to your order-a cold beer. It seems that bratwurst, sauerkraut and beer are hard to separate.

Gourmet Foods in New Harmony!

One fine Saturday you are strolling around the Farmer’s Market, chatting with all of the friendly folks there, and you run into some friends you have not seen in a while.  So you invite them for an impromptu dinner party later that day.  Great!  You have gotten veggies, fresh bread, salad stuff; now, how to fill out the menu for an inspired supper?  You could get in the car and drive to the supermarket, miles away – but who wants to waste a lovely summer afternoon in the car?  Here’s what you can do!

  1. Stop in at Sara’s Harmony Way and get a couple of bottles of wine which are guaranteed to be fabulous. You could buy them blindfolded and it would be terrific, as they have only delicious wines!
  2. Main course – Run over to Mill Mart and look in the freezer: they carry local Dewig’s  steaks, sausage and hamburger in the freezer. Fantastic local meat. You can thaw it and get out the grill.
  3. So how to make it special? Head to the Mews, of course.  You thought it was just ladies wear and lovely home furnishings?  Surprise: there is a whole food room full of delectable bottled gourmet preparations to liven up your festivities.  Beautiful marinades and grilling sauces.  Olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as well as incredible prepared salad dressings.  Tasty dips, from Smoky Bacon & Cheddar to Artichoke Pesto.  Olives for the hors d’oeuvres, along with crisp crostini crackers.  Pecan pie filling in a jar!  And are you out of cocktail napkins?  But of course, they have those too.

Home you go, full of new inspiration and your mouth watering, and now you have time to take a Saturday afternoon nap before getting out the grill and putting on your best Hawaiian shirt.  Bon Appetit!

A grandvariety of Gourmet foods at the Mews
A grandvariety of Gourmet foods at the Mews

Red G’s Kale Cranberry Salad

I realize Kale is the new cool kid on the produce aisle so it sounds like I’m just piling on the bandwagon when I write about this super satisfying salad at the Red Geranium Restaurant in New Harmony. In truth, the Kale Cranberry Salad is a personal favorite not because it is made with a trendy green leaf but because the flavors and textures are so well combined.

The texture of the kale is enhanced with other crunchy greens. Then tossed with poppy seed dressing, cranberries, golden raisins, and walnuts. Sounds simple. Somehow the sum is far greater than its parts. I encourage you enjoy this salad as a main course in a healthy lunch (paired with lobster bisque perhaps?) or as a starter at dinner.

There are several great places to eat and drink in New Harmony, Indiana. For a complete list check out http://visitnewharmony.com/eatdrinkstay.

Eggs in a Cloud

imageCooks on Brewery Bed and Breakfast is named after the family that built the home that houses the B&B. If you didn’t know that bit of history, you would think it was named for Jonathon and David’s culinary skills.

My friends and I were their guests for breakfast last week. What a wonderful experience. Great conversation, flowing coffee, wonderful fruit parfaits to start out with…..and then the main course….Eggs in a Cloud. Jonathon described it as a savory merengue. I’ve never heard a merengue described as savory, but this definitely was with bacon, red pepper and green onion incorporated into the egg whites. The egg yolks were placed in the middle and then it was baked a bit in the oven. It was certainly heavenly -creative-beautifully plated and extremely tasty.

How talented they are – and even better, they will share their talent by hosting birthday parties or perhaps other small celebrations around their table. Or better yet, book a stay at their beautiful place. It is a two hour drive from St Louis, Louisville and Nashville. Yet another great reason to visit New Harmony.

New Harmony Comfort Food

My secret comfort food is Sara’s Harmony Way scones. The online Collins Dictionary defines a scone as ‘ a light plain doughy cake made from flour with very little fat, cooked on an oven (or originally a griddle), usually split open and buttered’. The British typically eat them as a sweet treat after a meal or with afternoon tea, served with clotted cream and jam. I vote eating them anytime. I love them with coffee in the morning, or in the afternoon when I’m a bit stressed, or when I’m feeling great, or….well, I could make up any reason to have one. I love all the different flavor combinations that Sara’s comes up with. What flavor will be waiting for me next? White chocolate raspberry? Coconut lime? Maple pecan? Endless combinations, each as good as the last.

When you plan your next visit to New Harmony be sure to take comfort in a scone or two at Sara’s then let me know your favorite. I think I’ll wander down to Sara’s now and see what today’s selection is……..