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Boomer Time Fun: Toys at the Mews

Vintage cars and trucks
Vintage cars and trucks. Check out the Fire Chief car!

Some folks just never grow up. The Baby Boomers are notorious for this, the generation that refuses to age! If you were born in the fifties or sixties, and you can’t resist getting pulled back to your childhood, a stop to the Garden Room at the Mews is a must.

board game
Across the Continent, vintage board game

Browsing the amazing toys that proprietor Tom Williams curates is a real flash back treat. Where else might you find the Game of Cootie? Or Cowboys and Indians paraphernalia? Mechanical tin toys, vintage toy trucks, yo-yo’s and cap guns?

Circa 1953, Ideal Toys. Robert Robot can move without batteries!
Circa 1953, Ideal Toys. Robert Robot can move without batteries!

Tom prides himself on hard to find vintage treats, and his wife and partner Caroline Williams provides the girlie attractions of dolls, buttons, and doilies. Together they produce a line of witty photo cards featuring some of their favorite toys in quixotic scenarios. Worth spending a half hour there on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

The Mews is located at 531 E. Church Street, across from the post office.

Pokey the Clown and Slo Joe the clown games
Poky the Clown and Toe Joe the clown games

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