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Robin Bischof

I live and work in New Harmony, Indiana. I'm the assistant collections manager at the New Harmony State Historic Site. As part of my job I plan exhibits, care for historic buildings, and preserve artifacts.

New Harmony Trailblazer: David Dale Owen

New Harmony’s early utopian communities were so unique and eventful they often draw the majority of historical interest toward the beginning of the 19th century, leaving in the shadows the important role this small town played in promoting critical scientific inquires in mid-century. The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites ...

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Great Women of New Harmony

Mary Emily Fauntleroy and Jane Blaffer Owen: Preservers of the Past March is women’s history month, and as the month draws to a close I’d like to recognize two women who have had tremendous roles in preserving New Harmony’s history. Perhaps the patron saint of historic preservation in New Harmony ...

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